In November 2006, under the leadership and through the vision of the pastor, Father Pierre Azzi, and the parish council of Our Lady of Lebanon Church, Cedar Festival was founded. The main focus of the Lebanese Cedar Festival is to promote and foster the Lebanese culture and traditions as integral elements of Canada’s multicultural mosaic and to provide a venue for Canadians of Lebanese heritage to reacquaint themselves with their rich roots. The Cedar Festival is an opportunity for families and groups of all ages to be together to experience the culture and heritage in a fun, free, and safe atmosphere!

The first Lebanese Cedar Festival took place in 2007 and set the stage for one of Halifax’s most dynamic and entertaining events that kicks off the events of the summer season! From year to year the festival continues to build on the huge success of the previous festivals and each year promises to be more successful than the last as we grow more focused on integrating the Lebanese culture with the Canadian culture and building strong bridges between communities within Halifax and abroad. It has provided the opportunity for new and established artists, both locally and from abroad, to showcase their talents. The Lebanese Cedar Festival also provides volunteer opportunities for everybody within the Lebanese community as well as outside.

The excitement returns again this year! Featuring world class Lebanese Entertainment, the most delicious Lebanese cuisine, and the welcoming feel of Lebanese hospitality; Cedar Festival is going to be bigger and better than ever! Check out the Lebanese Cedar Festival’s website:

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